Budget talks dominate UC Regents meeting’s second day

The second day of the UC Board of Regents’ three-day meeting was dominated by discussions about how proposed strategies to combat the university’s budget shortfall would affect the ethnic diversity of its student body, quality of education and financial affordability for low- and middle-income students.
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UC Board of Regents July 2012 meeting preview

The UC Board of Regents will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday this week for its two-day meeting at the UCSF Mission Bay campus, where it will discuss and possibly vote on a wide range of issues including the university’s 2012-13 budget and long-term budget model, professional degree programs, the future
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UC Regents discuss grim fiscal future

Tuition increases possible in short-term, while long-term picture worsens

SACRAMENTO — The UC Board of Regents met under ominous circumstances Wednesday as the immediate and long-term future for the university was put in disarray by volatile fiscal developments in the state’s capital. With Monday’s announcement that the state’s budget deficit had ballooned from $9 billion to nearly $16 billion,
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Three protesters detained at UC Regents meeting Thursday

SAN FRANCISCO – Three UCLA students were detained by UCPD Thursday morning during the final day of this month’s UC Board of Regents meeting, following an interruption of the meeting that stalled proceedings for about 40 minutes. The three students — who have been identified by a UC San Francisco
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Breaking the mold

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: In moving their May meeting to Sacramento, the Board of Regents has made an excellent opportunity for change.

For as long as most of us have been students, protesting against tuition hikes and California’s divestment from higher education has been a prominent part of our college experience. And whether we participate in protests ourselves or silently observe, campus administrators and the UC Board of Regents alike have steered
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Despite possible cuts, regents remain optimistic about Brown’s budget

Though the possibility of future tuition increases and a $200 million cut in state funding loomed over Thursday’s UC Board of Regents meeting at UC Riverside, the board’s tone was cautiously optimistic during budget talks. The stated goal of the meeting was to consider alternative, nontuition sources of revenue, but
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