Campus plague: the Blue and Gold Death

If you take a look at your classroom right now, you’ll think that it’s 1346 and the Black Death has re-emerged at UC Berkeley. As you look around campus, you’ll find that you can automatically spot the victims of this new plague we like to call the Blue and Gold
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How to: deal with a cold

With only a few weeks left in the semester before final exams, it’s the absolute worst time to get sick. There’s obviously never a good time to run into the flu or catch a cold, but seriously, some times sure are better than others. Trying to get through a presentation
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No thanks, I’m coughing

Sex on Tuesday

Yuck, I’m sick. Actually, I’ve now been sick for almost two weeks, and it’s only slowly going away — despite all the DayQuil and codeine syrup. This episode is so gross. There’s the congestion; the sniffly, runny nose; the incessant coughing fits; the headache from the coughing fits; the phlegm in
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