Photo of Berkeley Police station

Berkeley police officers don LGBTQ+ Pride pins, locals disapprove

Berkeley police department, or BPD, announced in a press release on June 1 that officers can wear queer pride pins to “support” the queer community.

Berkeley Police Department, or BPD, announced in a press release June 1 that officers will be allowed to wear queer pride pins — a decision made in “commitment to, and support of,” the LGBTQ+ community.
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Illustration of a person walking through Sather Gate, holding a briefcase and with a lightbulb over their head

An introduction to startup culture at UC Berkeley

Having lived in the heart of Silicon Valley my entire life, I’ve always known that I wanted to start my own startup. UC Berkeley’s reputation for its students having founded more companies than any other university in the world is one of the main factors that influenced my decision to attend.
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Illustration of two young Black girls reaching up for equipment representing a STEM education, kept out of their reach

STEMulate her mind

We need more from other Silicon Valley firms and organizations in the Bay Area to address inequalities in STEM education for girls of color.
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Alex Zhao

Searching for my reasons

Off the Beat

Intrinsic motivation is radically personal. Our interests operate in a private realm where they need no justification beyond our own beliefs.
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