Choosing wisely

Launching into Limbo

Looking back at the nine months I spent in Berkeley this year, I don’t think I ever, not once, inhabited a phoneless space — lecture hall, library, dorm room, lounge, cafeteria, lawn, public bathroom or otherwise.
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App Showdown: Siri versus Google Now

People laughed when Apple introduced Siri with the iPhone 4S. A robotic assistant that listened to you and carried out tasks? It just sounded silly (and even evoked comparisons to Skynet at some point). But it quickly turned out that Siri was way more than just a robotic companion for
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Jon and Kate Plus 8 (phones)

Life in the Matrix

To the producers of TLC’s Hoarders: Here’s a season finale for ya. According to the multibillion, multinational networking firm from the south side of the Bay, Cisco Systems, this year mobile devices will actually outnumber those who consider mobiles’ prices. There will be more number-padded, data-drinking fully charged smartphones and
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