Donald Faison talks ‘Scrubs,’ TV

The former ‘Scrubs’ star discusses his career, pranks on the set of ‘The Exes’

In 1991, a young black actor gleefully pours his brother, who is arriving home from the army, a boiling hot cup of Folgers coffee. The corny Folgers commercial, one of Donald Faison’s first on-screen appearances, gave a first glimpse into his knack for comedy, over-the-top enthusiasm and just plain likability.
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Beyond the Sitcom Schtick

In the recent summer months, in between the gratuitous shots of vampire and werewolves (now, faeries?!) on “True Blood” and science-fiction frenzy of “Doctor Who,” a curious thought trickled through my hazy brain: these shows are better than movies. Perhaps not better, but at least on par, and this struck
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