Deconstructing Disney

Doors of Perception

I could spout out critiques like “heteronormative standards” and “patriarchal hegemony,” but the foundation of it all is the implied inferiority of Disney’s female characters.
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Like ‘The Notebook,’ but without the love story part

It was cool at the time

I’ve never been in anything close to a relationship. I’ve never gotten to change my Facebook relationship status. I never had a guaranteed date to a school dance. There was never any “bae<3<3<3” in my phone contacts. It’s not that I was never given the opportunity. I could get just
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How to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in class

You trudge into class when even the birds aren’t up, but your body’s on autopilot. You have your usual thermos of French-pressed coffee, but the caffeine refuses to kick in. You contemplated skipping class this morning, but the thought of wasted tuition got you out of bed. How can you
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If Disney princesses went to UC Berkeley

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the greater half of the past century, there’s a good chance you know at least a little bit about Disney princesses. These iconic female characters are part of timeless stories that enthralled us as children and still excite us now. Given our
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Erotic content disturbs in ‘Sleeping Beauty’

You won’t see a bewitched princess, rosy-cheeked and slumbering away in a castle to await her prince in Julia Leigh’s “Sleeping Beauty.” Instead, Leigh’s chilling arthouse film presents the heroine as Lucy (Emily Browning), a college student strapped for cash. Lucy works a variety of odd jobs, one of which
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