Campaigning with clicks

Off the Beat

I cannot count the number of instances I have had to sidestep oblivious students walking through Sproul Plaza with their heads down, immersed in their smartphones rather than what is immediately in front of them. And I don’t think these individuals are simply trying to avoid eye contact with the
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Quiz: what smartphone are you?

We all carry around tech gadgets, but have you ever thought about their personality? (Yes, we know inanimate objects don’t really have personalities.) We take them out occasionally, push their buttons and stuff them back into our pockets. But what if things were the other way around: what if you
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Off the beat: Avoid becoming a slave to selfies

August was a good month for me. Not only did I cross 200 followers on Instagram, but I also reached 90 followers on Twitter. Did I follow anyone new last month? Maybe one or two people, but only when it didn’t disrupt my F-to-F (follower to following) ratio. Do my
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