Can your phone help find a black hole?


To answer the question, yes. Well, only if you have an Android phone (sorry, Apple buffs, we’ll explain why you’re being left out later). You’re probably thinking this isn’t possible. Your phone doesn’t have the computing power to do anything that powerful, right? That’s what the Clog thought, too, until
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We spy: human wired sculptures around campus

Lately, the Clog’s spotted these two funky sculptures all over campus. The two buddies in the photo can be found hanging out by the UC Berkeley School of Law. Since we don’t know who the artist is or what he or she intended to convey with these pieces, the Clog
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Top 10 smartphone apps for students

With the thousands of applications available in the Android marketplace and the iTunes store, it is easy to get lost in the sheer number of choices. Here is a breakdown of the best applications that are a must-have for every smartphone user. 1. Google Music (free, Android + iOS) Google’s
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Putting the phone back on the cradle

How smartphones are invading our relationships, distracting us from each other and lowering our standards for social interaction.

I’ve been learning how to develop apps on Android phones for several months now, and it’s been a blast. I own two smartphones (iPhone and Google Nexus S), an iPad, and two laptops (one for emergencies). You might say I’m a techie. And since I’m a mobile app developer (I
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