On coming home

Libby Rainey/Senior Staff

Every house I’ve ever loved has its own particular smell. A hint of Lysol, a labrador’s fur, the faint scent of spices. My childhood house, I’ve been told, smells like laundry detergent and a hint of something else that can’t quite be placed. But to me, home smells like nothing
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Studio Visit: Mandy Aftel, perfumer and author

Tucked away in a wooden house on a quaint Berkeley street, Mandy Aftel hand crafts perfumes for her 17 year old perfume company, Aftelier Perfumes. The Weekender visited Mandy in her studio to talk about what inspires her perfumes, how she finds scents from around the world and the history
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Keep your security deposit, and smell it, too  

Sometimes shit happens – and whether it’s literal or figurative (we don’t want to know), your apartment’s level of stink tends to increase as the semester rolls on. And though we’d never judge you and that smell that makes onions cry, we just thought it’d be nice to share with
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