Sex and Sensibility

Sex on Tuesday

Subconsciously, I think about things to avoid feeling things. In the heat of the moment, however, sex makes it hard to think. And even if thoughtless sex can sometimes be risky, I love escaping my head.
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Students respond to statewide smoking age proposal

Senate Bill 7, which promises to raise the state smoking age from 18 to 21, was recently passed by the California state Legislature and, if signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, will apply statewide. UC Berkeley students share their opinions about this new law.

Lift the ban on e-cigarettes

CAMPUS ISSUES: The incoming ban on consuming tobacco products on campus goes too far by banning e-cigarettes, which are far less harmful.

For decades, American society has been moving toward a complete ban on smoking tobacco. Since about the mid-20th century, when scientific studies revealing the drug’s devastating effects on the human body were made public, public policy and social attitudes have shifted more and more against tobacco. This is a good
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Why you can’t get as high as you hoped on legal herbs

Student Bodies

It was freshman year, and I was bored with some friends on Telegraph. Happy High Herbs, a vendor of herbal remedies and supplements, had just opened, and the fluorescent troll painted on the storefront beckoned to us. “Something to do,” it said. When we went inside, we told the proprietors
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Letters: August 5 – August 12

Student regent needs to represent all students UC student regents are supposed to represent all UC students. Sadia Saifuddin’s leading role in the UC-wide anti-Israel divestment movement calls into question her willingness to represent the Jewish community — its extreme left excepted. In pushing for divestment from the Middle East’s
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Letter: June 17 – June 24

The inability to have a smoke free home In an editorial from June 10, The Daily Californian wrote, “In comparison, residents of apartment buildings do not have a choice about whether or not their neighbors smoke, but they can make a choice to keep their living situations smoke-free.” In housing
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