photo of 2 people watching a movie on a laptop

The Clog’s tips to preparing for movie marathons

Movie marathons — my go-to activity when I inevitably get the flu every January or my family’s beloved Christmas day tradition. Movie marathons are a commitment and if done improperly, can be a huge waste of time. If you’ve made the decision to sit in front of your TV all
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Photo of backpacking

Affordable, plant-based backpacking food: Lunch and snacks

After learning the basics of backpacking food and some breakfast tips, you’re almost ready for that trip you’ve planned. Now things are going to get a bit trickier. In my experience, lunch and snacks are the most difficult backpacking food to get right, but they also allow for the most creative freedom. I simply cannot overemphasize the importance of a strong lunch and snack lineup. A good snack can get you through any tough climb or mid-afternoon slump, so it’s important to get it right. Let’s start by talking about hydration.
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photo of yogurt in a bowl with blueberries on top

5-minute healthy, tasty snacks to help you power through finals studying

Snacks are crucial for fueling a pick-me-up during that afternoon lull as well as providing some sustenance when you’re on the go. At the same time, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy snacking habits that leave you feeling sluggish instead of rejuvenated. Our previous recommendations have been too time-consuming and have required special ingredients. We at the Clog have got your back with few quick ideas for healthy and easy snacks with minimal ingredients that you can make when studying feels like studying.
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