To the dearest

Your Secret Admirer

But you’ll learn that the best way to foster human connection is to just put yourself out there, among other humans.
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photo of a person sitting with a blanket over their head

5 tips for managing social anxiety

Returning to campus after the pandemic has come with its challenges, and for many of us, diving back into social environments after so many months of isolation has been one of them. For the majority of students, introverts and non-introverts alike, social anxiety has been a challenging reality to grapple
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Friends for life


Former college students seem to forget the daily grind of university life — the essays and exams and expectations set by you and others.
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Chelsea Peretti doesn’t joke around about gender stereotypes

Despite having once been rejected by UC Berkeley, comedienne Chelsea Peretti waltzed on stage and welcomed the audience: “Wheeler Auditorium, thank you for having me. This is where I first got high.” She still took a few jabs at the university: “Is this school Internet-installed?” Star of Fox’s Golden Globe-winning
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