King’s ransom for social change: A personal essay

“Oh, you don’t seem to understand. I want you to leave this class and buy the reader. Right now.”   The professor’s voice rings throughout the auditorium, to stunned silence. This is not what I imagined my first class on radical politics and social change at UC Berkeley would be
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Reflecting on a Coward’s brave email

Tales of Two Cities

I was studying on one of Dwinelle’s uncomfortable benches on Wednesday when I heard a faded song from afar get louder and louder. Then Dwinelle’s doors were flung open, bringing in the soft sound of the pouring rain mingled with the protesters’ song, their own version of “This Land Is
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Will hope end inequality?

Last week, the latest video in the Blum Center for Developing Economies’ #GlobalPOV series was released, asking an important question about the role of hope in social change efforts.  Last week, approximately 8,000 undocumented residents were deported from the country where they have lived their lives, raised their families and
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Documentary ‘The Sari Soldiers’ shows conflict through the eyes of women

Director Julie Bridgham discusses the process of filming and the focus on female points of view

Julie Bridgham’s 2008 documentary, “The Sari Soldiers,” showcased at the first annual Himalayan Film Festival in May of this year, is not unrealistically hopeful — nor is it wholly disillusioned to the prospect of social change. Rather, it attempts to unpack complexities of conflict by providing a fair scope of
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