Illustration of a person strapped to a phone

Protecting the mind behind our screens

As studies continually investigate the correlation between social media usage and mental health, we have become acutely attuned to the deeper reality behind the screen. Modern online platforms now hold the power to use us as much as — and sometimes even more than — we use them.
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Illustration of a girl living her best life

6 habits to become ‘that girl’

Do you want to become “that girl?” The girl who has her life together and manages to stay productive throughout the day? The girl who prepares healthy meals with whole, unprocessed foods? The girl who moves her body at the gym, outdoors or on a yoga mat in her living room to achieve physical fitness? The girl who studies hard and takes typewriter-esque, color-coordinated notes to review at the end of each lecture? The girl who reads for pleasure and finishes a novel each week? The girl who never misses a step in her morning and nightly self-care routine — managing to always look put together in a chic outfit, with her skin glowing and hair voluminous? 
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photo of laptop open with Zoom

Power ranking of things to do in a boring online meeting

With pretty much every activity taking place online – from school to extracurriculars to socializing – I’ve been in more than my fair share of boring online meetings. If you haven’t been, you’ll probably be in an online meeting soon enough, so here’s the Clog’s power ranking of things you can do when you’re bored in a virtual meeting.
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photo of laptop with youtube open

How to get over your YouTube addiction

As a former YouTube addict who regularly spent more than four hours on the app every day, it was extremely difficult for me to stay on top of my priorities, and I often lost track of time. If that sounds anything like you this summer, here are some tried and true ways that helped me get over my addiction.
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