What a Bolshevik taught me about hookup culture

By the week before spring break, it had become apparent that my recent fling with a tall and charming older friend had reached a quiet end.   There was no formal discussion of this fact. I didn’t expect there to be; to have addressed that something had existed and then
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Casey’s Given me a headache

Champagne Problems

I got 99 (champagne) problems and Monday’s political columnist Casey Given is one. It has only recently struck me that The Daily Californian’s only political columnist possesses an ideological mindset that is far from mainstream. Rhetoric major Casey is so eloquent that, up until recently, I found myself nodding in agreement
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Demonizing democracy

Given Insight

Students, faculty and online commenting trolls, the libertarian troublemaker is back! Last semester, I was called an “idiot,” a “frat boy rhetor” and — my personal favorite — a “dumb libertarian who jerks off to Ayn Rand.” Yet, despite the fact that my IQ is greater than 30, I don’t
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