The L-word

Sex on Tuesday

What kinds of desire have I ignored toward the goal of rendering myself simple enough to be legible to my family?
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Photo of mismatched socks

Socks: A poem

I lose a lot of things
Keys, pencils, books, rings.
But there is one thing —
Specifically a pair —
That I can never seem to find
And it’s got me splitting hairs!
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Quiz: Is your GSI cooler than you?

It may not happen that often, but at some point in our college careers, we may realize that some of our GSIs are way cooler than we are — and possibly cooler than we’ll ever be. It’s slightly saddening to consider that our lameness may be reaffirmed in such a way, but it
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5 things you didn’t miss about rain days

When you expect an advisory warning email from the Berkeley Police Department more than you expect rain, you know something’s wrong with the world. Even though the rain this weekend was good for the earth, there were definitely some things we at the Clog didn’t miss about the water. 1.
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Croc catharsis

In a world in which almost every individual owns at least one pair of white shoes, we at the Clog find it truly perplexing that not every soul owns at least one pair of Crocs. Youths everywhere have succumbed to the fascination with white footwear, leading almost every young adult to
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