Training myself for the future

Off the Beat

It’s not that the train ride provided me with the answers to some of life’s biggest questions, but I do believe that it lessened the burden of those questions. Sitting on a train for days and being forced to become comfortable with just watching the movement of the world outside calmed me down.
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UCLA football shootaround

Let’s be honest — playing it safe in any facet of life isn’t fun. The same goes for Wilcox’s play-calling. I personally love the bold and aggressive calls — the only problem is that I don’t think he’s got a disciplined-enough team to pull off some of the calls. That being said, they’ve got the potential to get there.
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In defense of LaVar

I am usually a very calm and reasonable person. I keep my head down when others choose to engage in childish mudslinging. But I cannot let Goethals’ comments, which are an affront to the grand American Dream and the diligence of hard working people everywhere, slide.
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