Initiation: A poem

photo of students studying in the library
Can Jozef Saul/Staff

Autumn in Berkeley is the bathroom flooding from the rain  And going for a drink anyway Talking about which professors we prefer at the bar   Somehow there’s warmth in the gray sky No heater in a building that’s 200 years old Impostor syndrome fades away when We’re huddled around
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4 crises you’ll experience at Cal

As you make your way through your years at Cal, we can guarantee you that you’ll experience a number of crises. And as you move from freshman to sophomore year, expect those crises to heighten in intensity  — and only continue to heighten as you approach graduation. It can be
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The wisdom of an unwise sophomore

From the top to the bottom, it’s a fall from fortitude and glory as graceful as Miley Cyrus’s transition from Disney sweetheart to foam-finger sex machine. Although I do get mistaken for Kanye West on a regular basis, I am not talking about a celebrity transition from adoration to widespread
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