Ridiculously simple fruit sorbet recipe

Have no cooking ability whatsoever? Don’t worry — it doesn’t get any easier than this simple fruit sorbet recipe. All you have to do is throw some frozen fruit into a blender or food processor, add liquid and press a button. It’s delicious, nutritious and an especially fun and easy
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5 delicious pineapple recipes to kick off your summer

We did it, Bears! We’ve somehow made it past midterms, projects and finals and are left with the sweet taste of summer. In order to help you celebrate this wonderful time of the year, we at the Clog decided to provide you with recipes showcasing something that literally tastes like summer
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Which tequila recipe are you?

If you’re planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo but want to prepare something beyond just a basic margarita, this quiz is for you! We at the Clog have compiled the best recipes for tequila-related food and drinks for a variety of personality types. Contact Martha Morrissey at [email protected]