‘A war of aggression’: UC Berkeley community reacts to Russian invasion of Ukraine

Photo of a news panel display with the headline "EXPLOSIONS ROCK UKRAINE"
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff
After Russian troops invaded Ukraine on Wednesday, the campus community has expressed varied reactions, with ASUC External Affairs Vice President Riya Master referring to the situation as "upsetting" and unjustified.

All eyes turned to Eastern Europe on Wednesday night as Russian troops advanced into Ukraine, declaring war on their neighbor in what many people see as an attempt to recreate the expansive Russian empire. 
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Checklist for your next trip to Cape Town

Summer after freshman year, back in 2019, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. I spent six weeks immersing myself in local attractions and the natural beauty of the city. The balance between nature, sea and city life reminded me of familiar cities on the coast such as San Francisco and port cities on the Korean peninsula, yet the South African culture and history added a unique, beautiful twist.
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