Researchers link global cooling to emergence of islands in Southeast Asia

Greenland Ice Sheet
Christine Zenino/Creative Commons

While global warming remains at the forefront of the minds of many, researchers from UC Berkeley and other institutions took a closer look at the driving forces of global cooling in a study published Thursday.
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Tip of the iceberg

Laid Bear

The crowd applauded loudly as the magician slowly slid a razor-sharp sword down his throat. The magician bowed as he finished the act by politely asking us for some money in return for the show. He tried to persuade us to tip by saying that he swallowed an entire sword
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Studying abroad or staying local

I realized that my obsession with globetrotting did not necessarily stem from a need to explore new locations, but a need to continuously challenge myself and expand my worldview. By fleshing this out, I was able to separate my experiences from the destinations themselves.
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Full Buckets, Empty Buckets

Bucket lists. For many, they’re merely a catalogue of what one hopes to achieve in his or her lifetime: a list with the harsh potential to turn into could haves or should haves or what-ifs, should those items on the list not be attended to. I find, as a first
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BAM exhibit gives visions of human nature

From the far depths of the mystic East — where the seed grows strong, the jungles run deep and the artist stands proud — comes Berkeley Art Museum’s exhibition “The Elephant’s Eye: Artful Animals in South & Southeast Asia.” BAM now houses a sublime collection of more than 30 pieces
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