photo of a beach

The Other Me: A personal essay

I recently visited some of my high school friends at their Southern California UC campuses. Each campus felt like a portal to a new world and a different way of life. They all have their own unique features: UCLA has its golden-brown buildings and expensively-dressed student body, UC San Diego
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photo of a surfer

Photo Essay: Surfing

In the year since I learned to surf last April, I’ve gotten to explore surf towns and beautiful, tucked away beaches all over California. I am originally from Minnesota, so I have experienced the child-like joy of catching waves as well as the utterly serene moments in between for the
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Photo of Pacific Coast Highway

What I learned driving from Northern CA to Southern CA

Over the weekend, I drove from my Central Valley town to sunny southern California. I knew it was going to be an experience because I was going to be alone and it was my first time driving there. Did everything go according to plan? No. Was it a turbulent time? Yes. I want to impart some wisdom from my 300-mile, five-hourlong drive to anyone planning to make a cross-state trip.
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