Bedroom bonanza

Launching into Limbo

After spending the summer back in my childhood bedroom, the walls of my new apartment in Berkeley will seem uncharacteristically, almost blindingly white.
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space station

Space: A poem

dear you i have escaped the gravity of our world the thrusters are no longer firing i depend on the word of other men who linger in dark rooms twirling pencils atop arcane calculations watching my ship ascend to the stars   there is no seattle in space vacant skies
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How to make your small apartment seem bigger

Residence hall rooms might be small, but at least the furniture is pretty much figured out for you. Once you leave the not-so-comfortable nest, however, it’s completely up to you and your roommate(s) to decide how you arrange your apartment. And as if that wasn’t hard enough, the price of  an
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Pulling out stitches

it’s only seven I’d like to touch you a little more- said the boy to the bed love said the vulture to the flesh said the sun-bleach to the rocks said the canyon to its eddies said the body to the wall – it’s only seven I’d like to touch
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At Berkeley and beyond: Reinvesting in space exploration

Quintessential UC Berkeley conjures up many images. The Campanile, squirrels that may as well be human and the always appreciated Berkeley time all land among those elements, which, despite your major or your living situation, are bathed in ubiquity from Day One. A less obvious one to add to this
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