Stop and smell the daisies

Your Secret Admirer

The universe remains infinitely massive, but my universe is not. Instead of worrying about the endless space around me, I’ve decided to focus on the miniscule space I do take up.
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Illustration of students in the South / Southeast Asian Library as it fades away

Don’t close South/Southeast Asia Library

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: The library is an important learning and gathering space for the South and Southeast Asian and broader campus communities

On a sprawling campus like UC Berkeley, the value of a physical space, dedicated to a shared purpose and cherished by like-minded students, faculty and staff, cannot be overstated. 
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Bedroom bonanza

Launching into Limbo

After spending the summer back in my childhood bedroom, the walls of my new apartment in Berkeley will seem uncharacteristically, almost blindingly white.
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space station

Space: A poem

dear you i have escaped the gravity of our world the thrusters are no longer firing i depend on the word of other men who linger in dark rooms twirling pencils atop arcane calculations watching my ship ascend to the stars   there is no seattle in space vacant skies
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