Made in Mexico

Cal in Color

Photo of Marina Román Cantú

Whitexicans are thought of as a big joke in Mexico, from their accents to the way they dress (usually wearing a “Mexico is the s—” bomber jacket).
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Illustration of a plate of conchas

Lost and found in translation

I know from school and dictionaries that language has defined meanings, but I learned from my experience of speaking Spanish how words also have tastes, smells, sounds and sights.
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Portuguese daydreams

Work in Progress

I was sitting in Portuguese 103 one dreary winter day last semester when it occurred to me — and this thought was not in English, but in the Portuguese-Spanish cocktail pseudo-dialect known as “Portunhol” — that I was, in that moment, a visitor to the Portuguese language.
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Creating social change through mathematics

In recent years, the demand for good teachers has outpaced the supply of new teachers. Nevertheless, I have decided to double major in mathematics and Spanish while also completing a minor in math and science education.
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Retraction: The anatomy of a name

Mixed Feelings

And while my dad couldn’t control the balance of my facial features, he did give me the one concrete thing he could — his mother’s name, Hafsa, and his family name, Tatah. He gave them to me so I was always aware of the family I was a part of and had something to show for it.
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