Learning first generation

Stories from the Book

There is no easy answer to those questions, just as there was no easy answer for me as I navigated being a first-generation Indian American growing up.
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I was in the spelling bee, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

I know how to spell “dysfunctional.” Yes, it’s D-Y-S, not D-I-S. I’ve known this for almost half of my life, but when it mattered, I didn’t. When it mattered was when I was a fifth grader in the county spelling bee: I went with my intuition and spelled it D-I-S. But my surprise when I learned the correct spelling was such that it has stuck in my mind ever since.
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Spelling success in musical ‘Putnam County’

A collared, tie-dye shirt, some kid in suspenders with thick glasses and a bowtie and a multiracial gay couple. These are just a few of the quirks that make up the wacky world of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” a musical comedy playing every weekend at the Julia
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BareStage play spells its way to laughter

‘Spelling Bee’ performance is uproarious

Here’s how to put on a disturbingly hilarious and outrageously entertaining musical in a confined basement-slash-student-theater: Take six socially awkward and sensationally idiosyncratic elementary school students, give them each a Red Bull or two and have them battle it out in a local spelling bee put on by equally strange
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