Interview: Dee Dussault, Ganja Yoga Founder

Dee Dussault is alive. From the first breath of her unconventional practices of ganja, clothes-free and sexual awakening yoga, one cannot help but be intrigued. Exploring her website, which explains her self-anointed title of sex educator, relationship coach, certified hatha yoga instructor and tantra practitioner, is more like a psychedelic
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Places of worship in Berkeley for many religions

Although religious affiliation in the United States is at its lowest point since the 1930s and recent studies show that 20 percent of Americans don’t identify with a faith, Berkeley has always nurtured an aura of religious freedom and encouraged exploration and appreciation of all theologies. As a student, you’ve likely
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The spiritual in ‘Elemental Forces’

Suzy Poling’s multimedia exhibition hypnotizes in Oakland gallery

Settle into the cushioned pews at Krowswork Gallery and Suzy Poling’s video, “Humans and Stones,” will hypnotize you — not in a trippy-stoner kind of way but toward a more subdued spirituality. The screen seems to enlarge as you watch and begin to feel the surroundings fill with the vortex
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The spiritual approach

Religiously Inclined

Think about it: How many times have you heard someone proclaim some variation of “I’m not religious; I’m spiritual”? Every time this expression is used, I wonder to myself what it even means. This cliche has extended far beyond my Elephant Bar debates, and it is becoming an important subject of academic scrutiny.
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