Bears Battle in Camp

With spring camp well underway, Shailin and Jasper are here to discuss how Cal’s team is looking on both sides of the field thus far. Additionally, they will break down a new coaching hire who is taking over the Bears’ most dominant position group of the past few years.

The losing game: How is Cal’s 2021 roster shaping up?

Several coaching switch-ups have plagued the Bears with even more uncertainty after a tumultuous 2020 season. However, there is still plenty of talent among coaches and players alike, and Jasper and Emily dive into what it’ll take for Cal to reach its full potential given the question marks on the
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Lions and Packers and Bears, oh my

In the past few weeks, Cal football’s staff and roster have been hit with many under-discussed changes. Shailin and Jasper talk about how the Bears will replace that talent, why Cal QB’s have been at the forefront of NFL news lately, and whether Cal’s team next year will be better
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Old Bears, New Dens

Several former Bears are looking to new horizons, including defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter, who is swapping spots with Oregon’s Co-DC Keith Heyward. Offensive lineman Jake Curhdan and cornerback Camryn Bynum, recently departed Cal players, will show out at the Reese’s Senior Bowl this weekend with hopes of catching the eye
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A fool’s errand

Following sports is a fool’s errand because we continue to hope despite the losses, but hope itself is a fool’s errand because it is belief against the odds.
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