A fool’s errand

Following sports is a fool’s errand because we continue to hope despite the losses, but hope itself is a fool’s errand because it is belief against the odds.
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One Golden Moment S04 E04

In this unique episode of One Golden Moment, deputy editor Mia Horne talks with Shailin Singh, Lucas-Perkins Brown and Sarah Siegel about some of many systemic issues in the sports world, from gender norms to racism and all the microaggressions in between.    

One Golden Moment S04 E03

In episode three of One Golden Moment, producer Ben Coleman discusses the NBA’s plan to resume its regular season with staffers Lucas Perkins-Brown, Ryan Chien, Tom Aizenberg and Justin Kim, who also offer playoff predictions.

One Golden Moment S04 E02

In this(quarantined!)episode of season 4 of One Golden Moment, Emily, Noah and Chanun break down the MLB’s inner-league arguments over player salary and a shortened season, plus its response to the Black Lives Matter movement and treatment of minor leaguers. A previous version of the article “Silent spring” stated that
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