Why is the “Big Game” not a big game?

College football is a tradition that many Cal students look forward to when they arrive at a Division-1 school. There’s something exhilarating about cramming into Memorial Stadium’s student section with hundreds of other fans and shouting “Go” — while the alumni answer back with “Bears” — at the top of your
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Potential without prior precedent

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how football has replaced baseball as America’s sport. Football dominates television ratings as baseball’s pace lumbers in today’s overstimulated society and a younger audience of fans dies off. In spite of all of the backlash, baseball may have found its saviors.
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March Madness 2012 hits Berkeley

It’s that time of the year for college hoops. March Madness has settled around the country. Berkeley students and residents share their thoughts on who will win the tournament and Cal’s loss in the First Four. Kelly Lin ad Kelly Fang shot this video.