A guide to staying in the Bay this spring break

Maybe you’re from the bay and just want to kick it at home. Maybe someone’s coming up to visit you!  Maybe you’re an international or out of state student and the cost of going home is simply out of the question. Or maybe you simply procrastinated on buying plane tickets
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5 kinds of Berkeley spring-breakers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock — or a mountain of midterms and papers — you know that spring break is next week. The allure of a week without 8 a.m. discussions and endless club meetings is so irresistible that if you have no exams or papers due this
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Get a head start on choosing classes for the Fall

Only two months into the spring semester, and it’s already getting close to that time again. Yeah, the only time apart from finals week that makes students all across campus tear out their hair and cry tears of frustration. If you listen closely during the next few weeks, you’re almost
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Graduate school at Cal … not too shabby

After a particularly long week of class that culminates in a rather pointless discussion section at 5 p.m. on a Friday, you might be letting your thoughts stray to other things like the weekend, or maybe spring break. Looking around, you’re fairly sure that everyone is echoing similar statements, except
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Sex on Blogday

While most kids my age choose to go to Cabo San Lucas or Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, I chose to go to the Big Apple for spring break a couple weeks ago. Being the museum addict that I am, I of course made sure to take a trip to the
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Spring broken

It's A Juanderful Life

You know that feeling you get when you’ve only been back from spring break for a couple of days and already you’re tired of school? That’s exactly how I felt last week, as I’m sure so do many of you. All week long I’ve been bitching about how I desperately
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