Berkeley Police Department adds 2 features to its 911 communications center

Photo of a Berkeley Police Car
Karin Goh/File
The two features will enable first responders to receive 'more accurate information' regarding the location of emergency calls and will reduce the amount of time spent on unintentional emergency calls, according to a Berkeley Police Department press release.

Berkeley Police Department has added text-to-911 services and improved 911 location identification services to its 911 communications center, according to a BPD press release.
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New area code to ease 510 area code exhaustion in East Bay

Telecommunications service providers recommended that California Public Utilities Commission, or CPUC, use the overlay method, meaning it will add a new area code in the region, in addition to the 510 area code. The plan, pending CPUC approval, would add a new area code by December 2017, according to CPUC’s website.
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Off the beat: Share every second

“The miraculous is everywhere … in our homes, in our minds,” a recent Sprint commercial circling the airwaves begins. The statement is made in a tone of awe by a deep-voiced male narrator while a series of images cut in after each other in rapid succession: hugely magnified blood cells rushing
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