Occupy Cal to meet with UC Berkeley administration

Keeping with UC Berkeley campus policy, UCPD cleared the Occupy Cal encampment on Upper Sproul Plaza early Thursday morning, removing all tents and making two arrests. The decision to clear the encampment was made late Wednesday night between campus officials and the UCPD, said campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof. Mogulof said
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Police force Occupy Cal to clear out

Demonstrators packed up tents and disbanded the Occupy Cal encampment early Thursday morning after police officers forced the encampment’s clearing, resulting in two arrests. At approximately 3:30 a.m., around 50 police officers in riot gear arrived in Sproul Plaza and told demonstrators to begin packing up the tents which were
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Encampment remains, despite campus policy

Despite an announcement from Chancellor Robert Birgeneau last week that encampments would not be allowed on the UC Berkeley campus, protesters remained with tents on the steps of Sproul Hall Tuesday night and Wednesday. Although police officers — who also remained in Sproul Plaza overnight and throughout the day —
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Reich draws thousands to Sproul Plaza

Thousands of people flocked to Sproul Plaza Tuesday evening in anticipation of the Mario Savio Memorial Lecture by Robert Reich, a UC Berkeley public policy professor and former U.S. Secretary of Labor. Some settled onto couches set up earlier in the day on the grass by the Sproul steps, while
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Strike, Day of Action activities to be held Tuesday

In response to recurrent funding cuts to higher education and impassioned by police actions last week, Occupy Cal protesters will vote on whether to set up an encampment again. A general strike and a Day of Action are set to take place Tuesday on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley, beginning
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Occupy Cal protesters plan outreach for Tuesday strike

Around 100 Occupy Cal protesters met on the steps of Sproul Hall Thursday morning to debrief Wednesday’s Day of Action and make plans to spread the word about next Tuesday’s strike. At around 10:45 a.m., speakers came together for a “mic check” to share their experiences from throughout the day
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ASUC student leaders endorse Nov. 9 Day of Action

On Wednesday, UC Berkeley students will participate in a Day of Action to raise awareness about the budget crisis in higher education, which will include a walk-out at noon and a rally on Sproul Plaza to garner support for the cause, in addition to several teach-ins.