Winter soup recipe

Martha Morrissey/Staff

The hardest part of coming back to school is often the transition into having to cook again. With the winter chill creeping into our underheated apartments, we find ourselves craving warm, cozy food and a way to utilize all the produce we thought we needed. Look no further than this
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Eating seasonally: herbed spaghetti squash

We decided to experiment with several in-season veggies for our dinner this week with entirely delicious results. Our idea came from the Student Organic Garden Association (SOGA) where we were lucky enough to be gardening when the opportunity to take home a spaghetti squash presented itself. Having never cooked one of these before, we decided to consult the wisdom of the internet. This recipe got us started concocting a plan of delicious action. With cherry tomatoes already on hand from the Gill Tract, we decided to add zucchini and chicken and call it a meal.
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