The Professor Papers

Sarah Brennan/File

This week The Daily Californian obtained a package of papers compiling hacked emails and comments from a wide range of the UC Berkeley faculty, describing how they truly feel about teaching at this school. Because of the scandalous nature (and unconfirmed veracity) of the papers, however, they were deemed unfit to publish. We at
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State audit of sexual assault procedures findings troubling, not surprising

Survivors of assault and people who have been following this story as it unfolds at 55 campuses across the country were likely not surprised to learn that the process of reporting and processing these cases is very flawed. The report found that people in authority who were in a position to receive the first notice that an assault had taken place, including athletic staff personnel and resident advisers, were not properly trained on how to get that information to the right people. What can be extrapolated from this data is that more training is needed at many levels of the university system, as well as transparency on the workings and timeline of a sexual assault accusation.
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An open letter to Mark Yudof

Final chancellor candidate list needs to represent women, underrepresented minorities

Dear UC President Mark Yudof, We understand that you are coming to a final decision on the chancellor search at UC Berkeley.As a group of UC Berkeley faculty who remain unconditionally committed to achieving racial diversity on the campus, we want to reaffirm our expectation that each of the final
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