Graduate students may face added financial burden in debt ceiling deal

Derek Remsburg/Staff
Graduate student Charlie Eaton, financial secretary for UAW Local 2865, expressed displeasure at the imminent elimination of subsidies for Stafford loan interest.

Graduate student Megan Wachspress will begin her first year at Yale Law School next fall with a load of textbooks, materials and the added burden of increased interest payments for the federal student loans she has taken out to pay for her education. With the interest subsidy for the federally
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Student loan debate hits national spotlight

With current student loan interest rates set to double in July without government intervention, both politicians and students have thrust the issue into the national spotlight. While the issue has divided both major political parties, the possibility of an increase from the current 3.4 percent rate has prompted students to
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Bitter compromise

HIGHER EDUCATION: The preservation of the federally funded Pell Grant is welcomed, but the cost was high for graduate students.

There were no clear winners in the federal debt ceiling deal reached last Tuesday. Everything was on the table for cuts — including education. National legislators eliminated the interest subsidy for a government-subsidized loan program for graduate and professional students. But in a bittersweet compromise, the cut allowed the maximum
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