Lecture halls worse than Wheeler

Wheeler hall is actually not half bad for a lecture space. But everything looks greener on the other side, right? We at the Clog actually miss Wheeler Hall — for all its heat, humidity and ability to induce yawns. At least it was a semi-cheerful, partially-breathable room for us to
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Study spots you’ve yet to explore

Imagine yourself walking around campus, trying to find somewhere to study. For some reason, the usual places just aren’t doing it for you. Bedroom? Too comfortable. Cafe Milano? Too loud. MLK Student Union? Too crowded. Memorial Glade? Too sunny. We’ve all been there. Here are some places we at the
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Welcome back, upperclassmen

We can remember our first day at Berkeley just as if it were yesterday — the Campanile bells chiming, the students on bikes whizzing past us, the trees lining Sproul Plaza bursting with green leaves. As some of us enter into our third and fourth years at UC Berkeley, we
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Was it for this?

After Words

Stanley Hall smells, to me, like shoe polish. It has a beautiful wooded lobby, the desks are large enough to fit both a notebook and a laptop, and the professors give lectures on layered chalkboards that can be lifted and lowered like eyelids. Its seismic rating is “good.” I had
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Beyond the banner: what inspired our poster students

If you’re not staring at your phone or the ground in despair as you head to class, you’ll notice there are student banners attached to the light posts spread out around campus. The idea is simple but bold: capturing pictures of bright-eyed, smiling UC Berkeley students with quotes telling us why they
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The world’s most powerful weapon

Tales of Two Cities

I’m sitting in my game theory class. It’s Tuesday. I have all the color-coded midterm questions our GSIs are frantically passing out. The clock hits 8:10, and a hush falls over 105 Stanley. Twenty minutes into the midterm, an alarm goes off, and white lights start flashing on each side
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