STATE ISSUES: California has fallen about $700 million short of revenue targets so far this year, making trigger cuts more real.

The California Controller’s Office revealed this week that the state is now over $700 million behind its revenue projections for this year. This report not only strengthens our certainty that the potential $2.5 billion midyear trigger cuts will go through, but it also enhances our doubts about state legislators’ budget-making
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State now over $700 million behind revenue target

California fell more than $300 million short of its projected cash revenue for the month of September — and over $700 million short so far this year — according to a report released by the state Controller’s Office Monday. If revenue targets are not met, the state may make up
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State revenue collection more than $300 million under target

State revenue collection was more than $300 million under the projected amount, according to the state controller’s office. The state missed the collection goal laid out by the state budget by $301.6 million dollars, or 4 percent, according to figures the office released Monday. The state is now $705.5 million,
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