Middle class was let down by California State Legislature

The middle class is dwindling. Since the economic downturn, politicians have rallied behind the call to help the poor and middle classes.  Political speeches are now about protecting the middle class.  But, as experience has proven recently, political rhetoric about the middle class is nothing more than just that —
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A frozen force

HIGHER EDUCATION: The UC and CSU tuition freeze is great news for students and a result of legislators heeding to their advocacy and demonstration.

Sometimes progress and stagnation are one in the same. With a tuition freeze in California’s 2012-13 budget, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed last Wednesday, students in the UC and CSU systems will not face increasing education costs in the coming school year.
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On good terms

Vote ‘yes’ to allow state legislators more time in office to gain valuable experience and contacts — and to serve you.

Proposition 28 is admittedly confusing upon first read. Called the “California Change in Term Limits Initiative,” the constitutional amendment would both extend and limit term limits. Let’s break it down. Currently, state Assembly members can serve a maximum of three two-year terms and state senators are allowed no more than
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State bill aims for increased transparency

The state Senate Education Committee approved legislation Wednesday that would increase transparency and accountability in California’s public higher education institutions. Senate Bill 8 — authored by Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco — passed by a 7-1 vote and would require auxiliary organizations within the University of California, California State University
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