Photo Essay: Portraits of UC Berkeley students

Nicholas Alexander  –If you could change one thing about Berkeley what would it be? “The hyperliberals. I’m a liberal myself, don’t get me wrong. I’m down for socialism; I’m down for a safety net for those who need it. But I’m not down for this ultrasenstitive, politically correct, microaggressive culture.
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Crunchy granola recipe

As UC Berkeley students, we consider granola more than just a food — it’s a lifestyle. We love the outdoors, health foods and socialism (or at least that’s what all our friends back home seem to think). So to live our stereotype to the fullest, we at the Clog have decided
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Dispelling stereotypes

Worlds Collide

I will attempt to dispel of some stereotypes for you, all in the hope that you won’t one day be faced by the perplexed face of a Brit like my Wonka-loving housemate was.
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Positive stereotypes are hurtful, too

Social Double-take

Negative stereotypes are widely acknowledged as harmful, so they’re often effectively rejected. But positive stereotypes, which are widely embraced and even considered flattering, can be equally detrimental.
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