NASA selects COSI mission to study Milky Way evolution

photo of a telescope
Copyright: COSI Team Northrop Grumman/File
UC Berkeley's Compton Spectrometer and Imager, or COSI, was selected by NASA to lead the development of a new telescope aimed at studying and understanding the Milky Way galaxy's evolution.

NASA has selected the Compton Spectrometer and Imager, or COSI, mission, led by the Space Sciences Laboratory, or SSL, at UC Berkeley, to head the development of a new telescope aimed at understanding the evolution of the Milky Way galaxy.
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Facing a waning future

Researchers reel from defunding of only UC-owned observatory

Researchers are reeling from the abrupt decision last year to terminate all funding for the university’s only fully owned observatory — the only one where graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from across the UC system can design and execute their own research projects.
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UC Berkeley lags competitors in recovering costs of research

As UC Berkeley awaits a verdict on whether the federal government will pay a greater portion of its indirect costs of research this year, the campus finds itself at a disadvantage compared to private research universities. With state funds in decline, the campus has increased its focus on recovering the
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