Berkeley Underground Scholars creates ‘prison-to-school pipeline’ on campus

Leonie Leonida/Staff

In 2013, UC Berkeley alumni, Danny Murillo and Steven Czifra, met on campus and shared their backgrounds on being formerly incarcerated and system impacted individuals. Together, Murillo and Czifra co-founded the Underground Scholars Initiative, or USI, a student-run organization for those who have been personally impacted by the U.S. criminal justice system.
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Incarceration to convocation

Life after solitary confinement: How education paved the way for Danny Murillo

Danny Murillo is one of thousands of formerly incarcerated persons struggling to re-enter society. How does someone like Murillo, who statistically should be back behind bars, end up at a place like UC Berkeley?
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Say it one more time

Broke in Berkeley

“What are you doing?” I turned and looked over my shoulder to where my husband was standing. He was watching me at the bathroom sink as I scrubbed my face with an exfoliating pad covered in toothpaste. “Giving myself a facial. What does it look like?” “With toothpaste?” “Of course.”
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Protesters support prisoners’ hunger strike

About 15 protesters gathered at Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue on Monday in support of a hunger strike by Pelican Bay State Prison inmates in solitary confinement. In February, prisoners at Pelican Bay announced that on July 8, they would resume their ongoing hunger strike protesting the solitary confinement conditions
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