The scarlet letters: HPV

Queerly Political

It felt humanizing to receive health care that respected my sexual orientation. The doctors at Planned Parenthood understood that neither gender nor sex is a binary.
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Condom sense

This has been a long time coming, but here are some safer-sex tips that are often forgotten in the heat of the moment (and that you probably didn’t learn in high school).
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Trojan gives us a grade – on sexual health

We’re in school — yay! And we get grades — yay again! So why not get another one? Trojan (“America’s #1 condom”) came out with its annual Sexual Health Report Card and gave us here at UC Berkeley another, you guessed it, grade. The good news: we went from being
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Knowledge is protection

Sex on Monday

I always hate researching STIs because it seems like half the information is rather slanted toward “if you ever have sex, you are going to get HIV and die!” Yes, STIs are a risk, but how much of one is really hard to pin down. So I turned to the
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