How to be safe when walking alone at night

Winter’s receding (if you could call it that), and spring is gradually approaching. The days are growing longer and it seems as if it’s safer to walk alone at night. Don’t be fooled, there have been a number of reports of crimes around campus lately, including an armed robbery at Unit 1, as
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The reality behind high school reunions

Summer break is the time when you’re able to go home and catch up with your friends face to face. Those long-awaited high school reunions with your OG buddies from back in the day are so exciting. But, truth is, these reunions hold a different meaning for each person. These reunions happen for an
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Tea with strangers

I found myself on a train hurtling 38 miles away from the only place in California I’m familiar with in the pursuit of conversing with four strangers on a Monday night. As a New York City native, my instincts to evade interactions with strangers only kicked in temporarily, before being
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The people I’ll never know

My Facebook albums are filled with faces of my friends, family, mentors, teammates. Photos of their terrible snapchat selfies and the shots I sneakily snap of their laughter.  These are the people I live with, the people I see every day at a Crossroads brunch for a recap of the
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How to react to awkward encounters on campus

UC Berkeley is a rather large school with about 26,000 undergraduate students. It’s no wonder that you can’t remember the name of every person you’ve ever met here. But oddly enough, you remember their faces, right? So what do you do when you awkwardly run in to people around campus who
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Talking to strangers

My parents have always instructed me not to talk to strangers, and, as a kid, I took this command with utmost seriousness. In fact, I would say I took this instruction to an extreme degree. I’d shut my mouth, lock it and throw away the key.
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VIDEO: The Man Behind the Wheel

Have you seen a small toy car speeding up and down Sproul Plaza? Meet William Jones, who explains his motivation for driving the car around public places.