Quiz: Which Berkeley street are you?

We all have our Berkeley spirit animals — from the people on Sproul to the guy constantly asleep in 9 a.m. lecture. But has anyone ever considered that Berkeley spirit streets might exist? We at the Clog created a quiz so that you can at last determine which street in
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Quick guide to busking etiquette

We’ve all been there — walking past Paris Baguette and the Downtown Berkeley BART station when a band starts playing. Playing in the street for money, also known as busking, is pretty popular in our city, especially around this time of year. The Berkeley and San Francisco street corners are
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Which Berkeley street are you?

We have a quiz to tell you what you’ve always wanted to know: which Berkeley street you would be. Take our quiz and find out if you’d really be the street you’re living on, a street near campus or one of the big names. Good luck! Image Source: Daniel Parks under Creative Commons
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VIDEO: Surveying Space

Ever wonder what the bright neon marks around campus mean? The Daily Cal goes exploring to find out what these markers really mean.