Opponents of Measure S criticize city for high legal expenditure

Ariel Hayat/File
Stefan Elgstrand, second from the left, said he has accrued $25,000 in debt in legal fees as a participant in the city's redistricting lawsuit.

As Berkeley voters head to the polls Tuesday to vote on a measure that dictates the boundaries of the city’s student-majority district, opponents of the measure are openly criticizing the city for what they consider exceedingly high amounts of money spent on a lawsuit over the proposed lines.
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Avoid putting the student district on the ballot

On Feb. 25, Berkeley City Council will have the chance to do the right thing. The referendum campaign that has advocated a more fair and inclusive student district has succeeded in placing the issue back in front of the council, which will have two choices: compromise with the community and
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It’s time to compromise on a student district

CITY AFFAIRS: Supporters of the city-approved student district map must heed legitimate concerns and incorporate parts of Northside in order to avoid a referendum.

A district that excludes a large swath of student communities cannot be deemed fair and especially not ideal.
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Students: It’s time to take back city politics

More than 25 years ago, students were intentionally silenced and excluded from city politics. When city council districts were first adopted, students were split across multiple districts to dilute our collective voice and our ability to influence city issues. Since then, this deliberate plan has made it excessively difficult for
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Correcting Mecklai’s misleading claims

After reading ASUC External Affairs Vice President Safeena Mecklai’s op-ed last Tuesday titled “USDA is a threat to a student district,” we, as members of the Berkeley Student Cooperative, feel compelled to respond. We believe Mecklai deliberately misrepresented the facts about redistricting to advance her own political interests. Instead of
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