Five Tips for Freshmen

Sophomore Rachel Barber shares five lessons she learned during her freshman year at Cal, discussing her creation of the welcometocal Instagram page and advising freshmen to rethink studying in one popular library!

Things you should protest in 2017

After the most recent Women’s March that took place in multiple cities all over the world, many people saw the power that can come from a protest. As 2017 progresses, we at the Clog feel that there are many issues that go mostly unnoticed by our generation. These issues, too, need attention:
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Tips for successfully living off campus, not dying

Living off campus can be exciting and really one of the first stages of actually “adulting.” Far and away are the days of apathetic security monitors, the aptly named Late Nights at Crossroads and jeans lost in the laundry. You’re sort of on your own now, and we at the Clog
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Read to succeed

Here’s a psychological analysis of an attempt to be on top of our shit and participate in intellectual happenings by actually doing our readings.
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Things you most likely forgot to do

As Labor Day passes, marking the official end to summer, it seems all of our minds were left behind to disintegrate in June. Not only are you most likely forgetting (or pretending to forget) to do your laundry now that you’re back at school, you’re also probably forgetting to do a
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