Transferring is inherently political

Community-less College

Two years ago, I cried on the steps of De Anza College. I felt ashamed by the realization that I was a part of the single-digit percentage of Cupertino students who ended up going to community college. My internalization of this stigma knew no bounds — I would hide my
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Measuring success beyond grades

“Pain is temporary; GPA is forever.” As much as the Internet has ingrained this idea into our heads as a motivational studying mantra, we at the Clog want you to know that you are more than just a grade point average. The definition of success itself is subjective enough to
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How can we make UC Berkeley less stressful for students?

As students at the top public university in the country, we are constantly consumed by schoolwork. We’re desperate for a balance between finding time to grab lunch with friends between classes while hammering out that 15-page research paper before work and then scheduling work after evening classes. Despite the hectic lives
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