How to crush your next consulting interview

This article has been brought to you by Pinterest. Pinterest: never have a boring time in the bathroom again.  ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but avoid taking Molly before your interview. That would just be too jolly for a suit. It’s consulting season and interviews are cramming up an already full
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2 lessons worth learning from Kris Jenner

As a college student, how would you how do you define success and being “well-off”? Are your ambitions to be like President Obama or Kim Kardashian after graduating from UC Berkeley? Obama recently criticized and blamed the Kardashian family for portraying an incredible misunderstanding of what being successful means. He remarked
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The race against time

Not so funny, guise

Tick tock. This ticking of an analog clock is more commonly known as the soundtrack to many of our lives. From the moment Cal became a reality, it seems as if many of us have been thrust into a race that has no foreseeable end. As students, we are trained
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