Berkeley Law community, campus administration hold town hall

The Boalt Hall Student Association organized a town hall Thursday with campus administration amid controversy over former UC Berkeley School of Law dean Sujit Choudhry’s return to campus and his open letter to the Berkeley Law community — both of which students protested Wednesday.
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Students protest after former Berkeley Law dean returns to campus

About 40 students and community members gathered on Sproul Plaza on Wednesday afternoon and later marched through the Berkeley Law campus protesting Choudhry’s return, as well as the publication of an open letter written by Choudhry and published in The Daily Californian’s opinion section Tuesday.
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Dirks to resign after tumultuous tenure as chancellor

Dirks arrived on campus in 2013 and has since faced several high-profile controversies

Dirks began his tenure in 2013 and has since faced several high-profile controversies during his time as chancellor, including reactions to his handling of recent campus sexual misconduct cases and the campus’s cost-cutting efforts in light of its persistent budget deficit.
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