Illustration of student overwhelmed by schoolwork notifications

What to do when summer isn’t a break anymore

Whatever it is we’re doing, summer really isn’t a break anymore. When we’ve spent the past ten months working non-stop, we need time off. Risking burnout and mental breakdowns, it’s incredibly important to take time and breathe. So, even if we can’t take off a few well-deserved months, there are still some ways for us to feel rejuvenated and relaxed this summer.
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photo of hills and hiking trail

Legal activities to do over summer break

Summer break is a great chance to try new things and relax after a hard semester. However, it is important to remember that performing illegal activities can result in fines, community service and even jail time. Wondering how to have fun over the break without violating any U.S. laws? The
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Iconic vines that perfectly describe our summer vibez

School is out and it’s time to let all our post-final emotions out! As college students, we’re jaded and tired. We live in little worlds that are often ridiculously sad or comical, making us turn to memes and funny videos to cope. We shouldn’t be able to relate to a picture of
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Finals in, Cal gear on

For those who don’t enjoy the convenience of living in the Bay Area, the TSA line at SFO or Oakland airport on the way home from break can seem like a bookstore catalog for the latest Cal gear. It seems to us that this sudden influx of Golden Bear spirit after the stress of finals is no coincidence. Once finals are turned in and the spring semester has come to a close, it suddenly becomes a lot more appealing to wear Cal gear.
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