photo of Kino Farr

A promising stay at the YMCA

Now you see me

Watching the kids live uninhibitedly for a week, however, I was reminded how easy it used to be to shut my brain off and have fun doing literally anything.
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Singing as a skill

Create to Connect

There are a lot of other elements we practice such as pitch, rhythm and movement. But most importantly, the past five months of singing lessons affirmed to me that art is practice.
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Forcing kids into STEM

Cracking the Code Ceiling

I hope that they will not be coerced into STEM just because their parents feel the need to “start early.” Instead, they should be able to ignite and pursue their own curiosity, whether it’s through putting mentos in coke or trying to burn something using a flashlight. More than anything, I wish for young girls around the world to have the freedom to do what they want.
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UC Berkeley’s Blue Camp helps children with social-skills deficits

Located on UC Berkeley’s Clark Kerr campus, Blue Camp is a unique summer camp that uses outdoor activities and social coaching to help “children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, High Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and children with similar social skills deficits.” There are two divisions for elementary school students and teenagers in
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